The main objectives of my work are to eliminate inflammation and pain, to recover functionality and restore balance and well-being. This is why, beyond osteopathy, sports massage and physiotherapy, I use state-of-the-art equipment and functional products which restore the body’s ability to recover quickly and to be able to train at the best of its ability. I also take care of post-injury rehabilitation, with tailor-made programs aimed at restoring muscle and joint functionality.


A quick recovery, therapeutic precision and state-of-the-art technology are the basis of my treatments, which have been studied and used on elite athletes. Such treatments are, however, accessible to anyone, even those who don’t practice any sport. In particular, the anti-muscle ageing Human Tecar® treatments give immediate, long-lasting results by acting on blood microcirculation, proprioception or on neuromuscular stimulation.


Human Tecar® Synergy VISS

Mechanical, soundwave-based vibrations acting on pain reduction, muscle power enhancement, resistance, explosive power and improving overall balance. The vibrations act upon communication between muscles and brain, resulting in stimulation and reactivation of groups deactivated by injuries or pains. The vibrations are emitted through a number of transducers placed close to the tendons; they are able to stimulate up to 14 bilateral muscle groups. After three consecutive sessions, the effect can last up to 6 months. Human Tecar® Synergy VISS is beneficial during training season and in all muscle loss instances.


Human Tecar® HCR

Electromagnetic stimulation of blood microcirculation, to activate tissue metabolism through use of electrodes, associated to therapist treatment.

It can be applied as a response to a number of issues. The ability to modulate treatment allows reduction of pain in a quick and effective way, while also helping fluids drainage and stimulating peripheral circulation, speeding up self-healing mechanisms. Widely use in the sports field, Tecar® therapy is effective against painful inflammatory conditions such as neck and back ache, tendinitis, bursitis, lumbar radiculopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, recovery from fractures, muscle strains and contractions.


Human Tecar® Synergy Mat

These mats stimulate proprioception – i.e. the ability to perceive and recognise the body’s placement in space – elasticity, movement coordination and agility. The surfaces used simulate natural surfaces such as sand, rocks, hard terrain, while the different degrees of instability force the body to remain constantly in balance. Used while barefoot, these mats stimulate the foot receptors, helping neuromuscular reprogramming while improving foot contact and posture. During athletic recuperation and rehabilitation, the mats allow performing of the exercises without any articular strain.


Human Tecar® Physio TT

Used especially in the sports field, this electromagnetic stimulator acts upon blood microcirculation and facilitates the immediate muscle recovery following training sessions or racing. Using thermal bands, the body receives a slight, yet effective heat augmenting blood flow and hence tissue oxygenation. Positive effects include muscle relaxation and reduction of fatigue due to the progressive elimination of catabolites accumulated during exercise. From an aesthetic point of view it allows selective slimming, by reducing localised fat.


Human Tecar® Draining Bandages

Used to quickly recover from fatigue and to eliminate swelling and muscle soreness, these bandages are soaked in functional solutions containing plant extracts and essential oils to restore freshness to fatigued legs. The most important action is drainage of liquids and inflammatory catabolites accumulated during training or a working day spent while standing. As a sports aid, they are used before or after a training session or to accelerate recovery.


Lymphatic drainage

This technique, through a light compression akin to a massage, activates venous and lymphatic circulation, contrasting oedemas and fluids retention. In the sports field, it reduces fatigue, muscle soreness and eases any tensions. The best results are obtained on ultra marathon runners and ultra trail runners, whose legs can become sore and swollen after such long efforts. As an aesthetic aid, this technique improves skin tone and acts against cellulitis.


High-power laser therapy

This technique uses the energy generated by laser rays to decrease pain and inflammation. It has a biostimulating effect; the narrower the area covered, the better the results. By acting on the inflamed tissue, it eliminates causes of pain with no adverse effects on other parts of the body. As a rehabilitation tool, it is used against muscle tears, contractures and strains, epicondylitis, sciatica, joint sprains, overtraining injuries, heel pain. As a sports aid, it is effective against tendon pain, and especially on Achilles tendon inflammation.


Massage physiotherapy

Massages are treatments used to tone muscles up, alleviate tensions and fatigue; they act to relieve contractions in muscles while relaxing them, they reactivate the lymphatic system reducing discomfort and imperfections due to water retention. Used in the field of sports, rehabilitation, acting on connective tissue, draining, the therapeutic massage acts while augmenting vascularisation and tissue oxygenation. For athletes, in conjunction with Human Tecar® functional products, it is beneficial in enhancing recovery after training or racing and is an integral part of a rehabilitation program following injury.



I use Biomechanical Functional Dynamic® ostheopathy on my patients. This technique acts on the causes of bone and joint, or visceral, dysfunctions. It is a treatment focused on specific groups, aiming to restore mobility and functionality. It is especially indicated to restore joint mobility and to alleviate muscle and joint pains, such as neck pain, cervical pain, back ache and cephalalgia, as well as to relieve anxiety and visceral pains. Along with Tecar therapy, it treats traumas and improves performance in sports.


Diacutaneous fibrolysis

Also called myofibrolysis, it is a manual technique to treat fibrous tissue formed as a result of trauma or inflammation. Using specialised tools, these painful adhesions which limit muscle fibre mobility are removed from the tissues. Fibrolysis is able to treat conditions such as cicatricial fibrosis following trauma and/or surgery, or muscle-skeletal pains due to inflammation, like plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, athletic pubalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, or neuropathies such as carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica.


Myofascial massage

This is a manual technique, similar to massage physiotherapy, which however doesn’t act on muscle, but rather more deeply, on the connective tissue between muscles, including blood vessels and nerve endings. This technique eases muscle tensions, as well as limitations caused by adhesions, thus eliminating pain as well. In sports, it allows for greater tissue oxygenation, facilitates elimination of exercise-generated toxins and improves muscle elasticity. By making movement more fluid, the myofascial massage also improves posture.


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