The Physiotrailrun Method

I have treated amateur and professional runners for a very long time. Throughout years of experience I have learned that physiotherapy needs to be an integral part of training, so that athletes can train at their best, recover quickly and avoid injury. This is why I created the Physiotrailrun Method, which is made up of five separate phases: posture evaluation, specific physiotherapy treatments, running technique, training plan and direct contact between therapist, trainer and athlete.


The athlete undergoes an evaluation process in the gym, to assess the type of posture and foot landing, both while walking and while running. To this end, proprioceptive mats are used to evaluate stability, muscle activation and posture. Walking movements and specific exercises are the basis of this evaluation. Subsequently, a treadmill is used to evaluate the running gait.  In both cases, a camera recording aids in highlighting any issues.


Osteopathy, massages, physiotherapy and Human Tecar® anti-muscle ageing treatments are personalised to optimise running technique, and integrated in the training plan. State-of-the-art equipment is used to effectively respond to the athletes’ requirements. Such equipment also allows for timely intervention on any problems arising from biomechanics adaptation to the new running technique movements.


This aspect is based on a sequence of gym exercises, carried out on special mats which exercise balance and proprioception, while augmenting strength and resistance. The aim is to ensure the athlete adopts the correct posture, by activating specific, deep muscle groups while avoiding overtraining, which may cause injuries in the long term. Subsequently, the exercises are carried out on the track under coach supervision; here, the athlete learns to listen to his/her body, to explore different running paces and to become aware of the running motions.


Effective training is based on tailor-made training session planning. The training sessions are agreed with the trainer and alternated with physiotherapy sessions. This method is of paramount importance, whether the aim is simply to achieve a correct running technique, or to train more specifically, with a racing aim. Rational planning of training sessions results in the ability to modulate the training load, to include physiotherapy treatments which make training sessions more effective and reduce chances of overtraining and injuries.


A continuing feedback between therapist, trainer and athlete is the most important aspect of the Physiotrailrun method. Throughout the program, information is continually exchanged in a personal WhatsApp chatroom. This is used to communicate training information, highlight any critical aspects or for general info. This way, any intervention is timely – e.g. adding a treatment session or modifying the training based on the requirements of the athlete, who remains the focus of my method.

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