Objective: GTO

It’s a course to approach the GTO, Gran Trail delle Orobie, a 70-km, 4200 m elevation gain, ultra trail race held in Bergamo in July. The course, started in 2016, has so far allowed allow all participants to finish the race; the majority of them had no previous experience in long races, especially in the mountains.

Objective: GTO was born out of a challenge: to demonstrate that with training and the right mindset, one’s limits can be overcome.

“The idea to create an ultra trail-focused course was born two years ago, stemming from requests by athletes wanting to run longer distances”, Stefano Punzo explains. Stefano is the creator of Objective: GTO with Fidal coaches Luigi Ferraris and Giovanni Bonarini.

The course begins in January and is composed of two parts, each three months long. In the first part, athletes undergo a lactate test, upon which personalised training plans, based on quality drills and muscle strengthening on the road, are based. The second part is based on training sessions aimed at mountain running, with longer runs and higher elevation changes.

The success of this course is the synergy between the technical and the physiotherapy sections: the training program includes anti-muscle ageing Human Tecar® treatments to support training and avoid overload.